Soft Cup Cake

cake tray making machine Difficulty: cut Pier (primary) time: 10~30 minutes
Low gluten flour 60g white sugar 60g egg 3 edible oil 3G white water 10ml
The soft Cup Cake the practice steps
1 first egg yolk separated, with an electric mixer to beat the egg white, in the process of the 30 grams of sugar in three times added. Beat every time
2 egg yolk, and the remaining 30 grams of sugar, low gluten flour, cooking oil, water and stir into a paste.
Soft Cup Cake paper cup making machine
3 to send a good egg white three times to join the Yellow paste, flip up and down.
Soft Cup Cake
Pour batter into 4 cups, 150 degrees 30 minutes (a tube) in the oven. Do it out as the surface is brittle, which is very soft.

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