Future domestic food packaging machinery will be the trend of energy saving

Future domestic food packaging machinery will be the trend of energy saving

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cake tray making machine Your Food Safe? Take a look at food packaging is safe to say it. In fact, whether at home or in the supermarket, everywhere we can see some beautiful exterior design food packaging bags. Food packaging bags of clothes is actually food, it not only plays a role in protecting the food, and food safety are inseparable.

On the current status of the domestic food packaging, the form is not optimistic, with a view of the external packaging is invisible food additives. The external life of many food packaging are likely to contain hazardous substances, but because they have to release and migration of hazardous substances are most invisible and chronic, and often not to be perceived. From the point of view of food safety, food external packaging of harmful substances will be a direct threat to food safety.

Right now on the market in terms of packaging materials, packaging material type complex, its properties and uses are also different. In such a large environment, food machinery manufacturing enterprises need to study and master the performance of packaging and conditions of use of each packaging material. External food packaging to protect both the flavor and quality of the food but also reflect the value of the goods that match with their packaging material, but sometimes the same products in different packaging methods can be used to achieve the same effect.
For example, the food can be susceptible to oxidation by vacuum or inflatable packaging, may also be enclosed deoxidizer packaging. Selection of packaging materials is closely related to the choice of packaging technology, which is closely related to the packaged food market positioning and many other factors.

The food needed protection requirements, the estimated cost of packaging, packaging and other aspects of a reasonable amount of packaging design, packaging as far as possible and reasonable structure, material saving, save transportation space and in line with the times, avoiding excessive packaging and deceptive packaging . Market positioning of goods, transport and climatic and geographic conditions of the circulation area of ​​food packaging and other factors must be considered when designing. For food packaging, the essential changes in the climatic conditions of commodity circulation areas, because the temperature of the chemical changes within the food ingredients, food microbiology and its packaging material barrier itself has a great impact.

With the continuous progress of science and technology, a variety of new foods and new packaging equipment continue to emerge, the production concentration and degree of automation are rising, food packaging equipment is to large, fast, efficient, automated direction. Food packaging materials must follow the new trend of development, continue to provide customers with strong applicability, more productive materials.

Modern food packaging should not only focus on the development of new packaging materials, research and application, and higher technological content, the use of new materials and delicate, smooth, flexibility and other characteristics to achieve the best results in food service packaging, but also continue to push packaging development of machinery industry will process automation, systematic, computer integration, reducing food packaging waste processing rate, full use of resources.

In the food industry chain, some aspects of food packaging machinery, high energy consumption, waste emissions from large, high production costs …… traditional food packaging machinery design with little regard to environmental protection and food safety of property relations, its industrial chain Usually only consider the design, manufacture and use of links. In contrast, food packaging machinery designed not only to consider the new era under conventional production conditions, but also consider retirement, disposal and other aspects. Thus, the need for food packaging machinery green design standards, and food packaging machinery supporting reasonable, effective use of resources, protecting the environment, improve the quality and safety of processed foods.

With the strengthening of environmental awareness and concern for health, green food will become mainstream. In other countries, to improve the food and packaging machinery green performance through technology development is the mainstream, we can see the future of the domestic food packaging machinery is also energy-saving and environmental protection of the road will be the future trend of development.

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