Cake tray making machine trends

Cake tray making machine trends

Cake tray making machine It is learned that China’s astonishing growth baking industry, bakery has become one of people’s daily life indispensable leisure essential goods. With the rapid development of bakery industry, its derivative industries such as cake tray machine industry will also usher in broad prospects for development. However, traditional packaging has been phased out, followed the trend of development of the industry to become the only path

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The rapid development of the baking industry baking led the development of cake tray forming machine diversification. Statistics show that domestic sales of baked goods industry in average annual growth of about 30%, at an alarming rate. From a practical point of view, bakery penetration in third and fourth tier cities and rural markets is intensifying, bread and other bakery products gradually become one of the breakfast staple of our population. From the ages of view, consumer groups are also expanding, from children to elderly people have coverage. It is predicted that by 2017 our bakery industry sales revenue is expected to reach 465.829 billion yuan, and showed the following characteristics:

First, high-end packaging retire  and high-end market continues to expand, the low-end market is relatively shrinking. As China’s economy continues to develop, constantly updated technology, and improve the competitiveness of the packaging industry baking industry have been expanding, enterprises have developed rapidly, baking industry maintained a rapid growth of scale. Thanks to strong domestic demand, Chinese bakery packaging industry showed healthy, rapid and sustainable development of good posture. But by the impact of national policies, the high-end market, especially the moon cake baking high-end market were retired, moon cake as the representative of the high-end excessive packaging market is shrinking, while the midrange and high-end market is subject to the policy implications of small business has grown rapidly, baking packaging new competition pattern is formed.

Second, baked goods packaging to “paper era.” Of paper and paperboard packaging for the base paper size, low cost, saving resources, easy machining, more environmentally friendly, pollution-free, easy recovery, recycling and so on. In addition, with the progress of the papermaking process, paper stock to diversify from the traditional single species, the development of functional specialization. Packaging designers can take advantage of the characteristics proper paper material, perfectly create amazing baking wrapping paper type. So bakery products packaging into the era of paper packaging, paper packaging also provides protection for baked food safety.

Third, the rapid growth in small package, future growth can be expected. With the diversification of health awareness and personal taste, more consumers turn to the bakery to buy fresh baked bread, a small share of the single-serving snacks and baked small package to meet consumer preferences can control components in particular and portable demand for snacks, although small package has a higher unit cost. It is expected to form a small share package has great prospects for development.

Fourth, baking packing more creative, fun, stylish and practical. Packaging is a colorful baking baking show a beautiful landscape, baking Packaging is an important fashion. Future packaging will be combined with baking bakery products more closely to the development of three-dimensional model specifications, colors and patterns more creative and fashion sense, baking packaging will give full consideration to product demonstrations, carrying a variety of needs, more practical, in order to increase the customer appeal. Faced with the rapid development of the baking industry, variety of bakery packaging, manufacturers must focus on the key issues of packaging materials and technical equipment.

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