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                Guangzhou Fengda Machinery Company has an over 20 years of production cake tray machine, cake tray forming machine, cake tray making machine, baking cup machine, tulip cup machine, muffin cups machines and other equipment experience.In the convenient transportation of Guangdong China, our machines can be implemented around the world, such as Europe, East Asia, South Asia, Africa and the Middle East.Our products not only obtain CE certificate, but also for the many customers of compliment and satisfaction.Therefore, more and more customers are willing to choose and believe our company. Make every reasonable effort to guarantee that customer service and satisfaction.We were able to provide a comprehensive range of services to customers in agreement and processing capabilities management service by coordinating shipments and return fundamentally.They may be just be part of a replacement, or likely to replace all of the machines, our overall responsibility for services of connecting, operating with the provision of technical assistance services.

                In our sites, you can be distinct notice exhaustive information about our machines,comprising cake tray machine, cake tray forming machine, cake tray making machine prices,picture.Moreover, even more cake tray machine, cake tray forming machine, cake tray making machine video could available be to you at any time.If you have time, you can also personally visit our factory in your free time.

               In 2004, it is hard finding such cake tray forming machine these machine, only few paper products supplier.Growing number of customers visiting our cake tray machine factory, they require us to design a cake tray machine. Since then we start designing a cake tray machine,cake tray making machine and semi-automatic cake tray machine,.We designed semi-automatic machines are not fit clients in Europe, in Europe, labor costs extremely costly. After several exchanges, research, designed successfully automatic cake tray machine. We have advanced technology, and constantly improve and product upgrades to comply with customer demand.

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Kevin Luo

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